• Agency List

  • High Radiation Tolerant Nuclear Cameras and deployment Systems.ISEC is based in Sweden, which was originally their main market. In recent years they have gained a worldwide presence with deliveries to nuclear power plants and facilities in Europe, North America and Asia.

    ISEC provide efficient and cost-effective solutions for first-class monitoring in radioactive environments. Their development of RADCAM camera technologies, and equipment for measuring radiation during production, are examples of this.


  • DIEPA – Special Wire Ropes for Cranes – Germany

    Manufacturers of Special high performance wire ropes for cranes and passenger lifts. Holding many worldwide patents, DIEPA are the preferred supplier to many Heavy Crane manufacturers including Demag, Gottwald and Liebherr.

  • Technical Demolition Services – UK

    Controlled demolition of large structures, naval vessels, with worldwide expertise.

  • Louault Trailers

    Coming soon.