• Agency List

  • Nuclear Cameras

    High Radiation Tolerant Nuclear Cameras and deployment Systems.

  • Lift Systems – Hydraulic Gantries and Nuclear Cask Transportation Systems – Moline USA

    Recognised as being the world’s leading manufacturer of Hydraulic Gantries with capacities ranging from 10te to 3000te and including special nuclear cask transporters both tracked and wheel driven. Lift Systems have many cask transporters working at Nuclear Stations in the US and other worldwide locations.

  • Bang Kransysteme – Automated and heavy duty crane systems – lifting capacities to 500te width 50m

    Manufacturers of High Integrity Nuclear Cranes and under-hook attachments.

  • TII Group – Nicolas, Scheuerle, Kamag – SPMT vehicles – France & Germany

    Manufacturers of Self Propelled Modular Transport type high load capacity vehicles. Recognised as market leaders – the TII Group are very adaptable to customer’s requirements and special designs.

  • DIEPA – Special Wire Ropes for Cranes – Germany

    Manufacturers of Special high performance wire ropes for cranes and passenger lifts. Holding many worldwide patents, DIEPA are the preferred supplier to many Heavy Crane manufacturers including Demag, Gottwald and Liebherr.

  • Technical Demolition Services – UK

    Controlled demolition of large structures, naval vessels, with worldwide expertise.