• Heavy Crane Industry Case Study

  • · Complete rebuild and upgrade and modernisation of Gottwald AK912 1200te
    capacity crane on behalf of ALE (Abnormal Load Engineering)
    · Project Management Technology Transfer between Gottwald Germany and
    Indian Railways. Manufacturing special heavy duty railway breakdown cranes
    for Eastern Railways Jamalpur India.
    · Complete rebuild of Fire Damaged 300t Demag telescopic crane HC810 – work
    carried out in Baton Rouge USA.
    · Complete rebuild of two Demag CC4800 cranes recovered from Chernobyl
    · Upgrade AK912 1200te crane on behalf of Al Jaber Corporation Abu Dhabi UAE
    · Rebuild AK912 1200te Crane on behalf of Descon Engineering Pakistan
    · Modification to Gottwald MK1500 boom support system
    · Special request by NASA / Galileo to attend to fire damaged crane at the Large
    European Telescope site 5300m altitude in the Andes, Chile